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Smudge, Shadow, and Babylights


Root smudge, root shadow, and babylights….

What are all these things, and am I asking

my stylist for the right thing?

Let's break this lingo down for you,

so you know what you are a candidate for;


Root Smudge

1st Step: The hair is highlighted to a lighter level than your natural colour. Your stylist will then apply a toner to just the root area with a brush. This effectively blurs or smudges the line between where your roots and your highlighted hair meet. The result is a softer, blended look between the light and dark.



Root Shadow

This is very similar to the root smudge, however the object here is to create more of an obvious line between the dark and light elements of your hair, thereby creating more of a dramatic contrast.




Similar to its big sister, the Balayage. However in this technique finer pieces of hair are highlighted to a much lighter shade offering subtle yet eye catching effects when the hair is moving.

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