To Plex or Not To Plex - That Is The Question

What is a Plex Treatment?

The hair industry has seen its fair share of BUZZ products. Everything from Argan Oil, Brazilian Blow out treatments and now a Plex treatment? All of these treatments have their huge followings but none like the Plex treatment. 


A plex is a bonding serum that is added to a colour or bleaching service that secures the bonds in the hair at a micro level to ensure hair integrity during a chemical service. Since most of us are getting more and more demanding of our stylists to perform colour and “blonding” miracles, this product is a must have for all professional salons. 


Essentially flex treatment products allow you to go from the darkest of brown hair to a medium blonde in one sitting (mostly if you have a bunch of hours and the $$ to spend, that is) Almost all the major hair care companies have created a Plex product of their own unique making. The team at Beautymark Salon chooses Wella as their primary source of colour. Add that to Wella Plex and that pairs perfectly with their range of colour/Bleach lines. By creating a plex with a specific colour and bleach molecule in mind, this product can perform at its absolute best yielding amazing and predictable results with hair integrity always top of mind.


To fully benefit from the Wellaplex in-salon service, we recommend the NO.3 Stabilizer for at home care. It helps to keep the hair strong, smooth and soft until the next Wellaplex in-salon service is needed. Use once a week in addition to normal hair care regime using Wella Brilliance colour saving shampoo and conditioner. 


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