Post Summer Hair Repair: an Images Salon insight

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Hot Summer
Dry Hair
Dealing with the Aftermath

We love it!!! The hot sun, the warm dry air, pool/lake/ocean parties. Our minds can't get enough of it, yet our hair pays a price. Coming into Fall with dry, brittle, lack lustre hair, has that got ya' down? Images Salon can help fix these things with our 4 steps to great post summer hair rescue.

  1. Get a good cut,,,,no we aren’t talking going short…hear me out. Just a couple inches to take the weathered brittle ends off will have your hair feeling and looking great.
  2. Treatments – we offer Wella Brilliance for colour treated hair, and Sebastian Penetrait for severely dry and damaged hair. Both are offered as an add-on service to your appointment and as a take home size.
  3. Turn down your hot tool temp. Having your hot styling tool too hot will wreak havoc on your over sensitized hair. Give it a break and bring it down to 365 tops…..or think about investing in a GHD hot tool which only heats up to that level but will still give you the desired style you need.
  4. Give your colour a refresher. Colour helps fill in the porous holes in the hair caused by environmental damage and in turn creates softer, shinier hair.
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