Grey Blending: The Path to Becoming a Silver Fox





For years we have fought aging with potions, lotions, and pills.

Why not embrace it this time around with a hot new trend.

Grey Blending....

The choices are there to explore unlimited creative options in the grey area. Everything from covering grey completely to subtly blending or even embracing grey tones.  Click here for an extended look at how Leonardo Rizzo handles colour, cut, and styling in grey blending for Wella Porfessional.

Many a mature superstar in moviedom has turned to this trend. Now that the trend has become a salon staple in aiding aging gracefully, minimizing the impact on your wallet at the same time, can be a good thing as well.



All over colour when your 75% grey can get expensive though, and if the thought of letting the greys shine through sends you running for the hills, then this technique may not be right for you. Then there's the fact that not all of us can embrace our greys due to skin tonality and eye colour. Going and staying grey can wash you right out and make some gals look ill. All reasons for a consultation to explore today's trends and options.


However, for some silver foxes the right balance between a colour service and their own natural greys can be perfection. The experts at Images Salon can help determine what “path of least grey hair resistance” works for you and can help you achieve the perfect grey blending shades.

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