Entrepreneurship with Lynn Weinfeld

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Lynn Weinfeld: It Fitz Me!™


Designer Lynn Weinfeld designs and produces a women’s lifestyle brand called It Fitz Me!™ right here in Toronto! As the President and Creative Director, Lynn has many responsibilities in her day to day life. With an incredible eye for detail and quality, her pieces are classic, versatile, and travel well! We had time to speak with Lynn about entrepreneurship, selecting products, and her approach of interest in creating It Fitz Me!™.


“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to work in the fashion industry. While my visual acuity was strong, sewing was always a challenge; hence I gave up the idea of designing clothes.” While other people may have given up, Lynn searched for another way to ‘fit’ into the industry. While she didn’t immediately find her ‘perfect fit’, Lynn began working part-time at clothing stores in university. This experience not only taught her about the latest fashion trends, but increased Lynn’s love and passion for clothing design.


After university and many years of consulting in the market research industry, an opportunity to design presented itself. Not only did this excite Lynn, but she was excited that her dream could come true! She had the chance to meet with a dance wear manufacturer. When contemplating the importance of having clothes that move with the dancer and offer comfort and support – she was determined to find a way to adapt that idea into clothes worn every day. As Lynn says, “It Fitz Me!™ was born.”


Some people define entrepreneurs as people who are willing to take risks that other people are not. Others define them as people who start and build successful businesses. Regardless of how you define an “entrepreneur”, becoming one isn’t easy. It takes dedication and perseverance. According to Lynn, “the company started with one legging design, in one fabric, that evolved into a lifestyle brand.” It Fitz Me!™ embodies classic essentials and subtle details resulting in casual elegance. Since that one legging design, Lynn has expanded her collection to include shirts, cardigans, skirts, and dresses and offers practical, comfortable, versatile, and affordable clothing for women of all ages and sizes! Aforementioned, all production is entrusted at a local manufacturer right here in Toronto! According to Lynn “this enables close monitoring of quality control, the ability to respond quickly to customer needs, all while supporting Canada’s economic growth.”



While this lifestyle might sound luxurious, it takes a great deal of passion and perseverance to not only be an entrepreneur, but to bring a brand to life. Fortunately, Lynn met the right people along the way that believed in her and her product. It Fitz Me!™ began five years ago, but Lynn is only getting started! We can’t wait for what else It Fitz Me!™ has in store.


For more information about It Fitz Me!™ visit the website at www.itfitzme.com

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