Dry Shampoo - Hero? or Zero? Product

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When dry shampoo hit the main stream North American market it was as if the hair gods had answered all our prayers…. however, all that glitters is not gold. So let's break down the Do’s and Don'ts of this well used and well misused product.


The first commercial dry shampoo came out in the 1940’s in New Jersey and targeted those women who needed help to whip up a style for “surprise dates” or while “sick in bed”, still having the look of great hair. Believe it or not, but before this very sexist product pitch of the 40's, as far back as the late 15th century we know that other cultures were using clay ground into powder to ward off oily scalp and hair.


Fast forward to 2019 and almost every commercial hair and professional product line carry their version of this magical powdery mist. A Mintel.com study (2019 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend) revealed that over 17% of women have used a dry shampoo in their daily styling regime. Currently you have your choice, depending on the brand, based between rice or corn starch.  What the starch does is help wick up the excess oils in your hair and through the physical brushing you do, you in turn remove these encapsulated oil compounds.


So let's get to it then:


DO’s – dry shampoos are great for that lived in 2nd, 3rd, 4th…pushing it on 5th, day hair. You MUST spray and BRUSH OUT the product with either a brush or your fingers for optimal result.


DON’Ts – Don’t just spray and leave in the hair. That is what creates that dry, brittle chalky look that you see a lot of lately…. not nice!! Also by not brushing the product out you’re essentially creating a cocoon around the hair that makes further colouring, toning and highlighting very, very difficult. And can create unpredictable results. So a call out to our wonderful clients, don’t load up on dry shampoo before your colour service.


At Images Salon we respect that no two dry shampoo's are alike. Therefore we have a couple of options for you to try:


Nioxin Instant Fullness – Offers the oil wicking capabilities of a dry shampoo with none of follicle clogging properties. It also has a wonderful menthol cooling feeling on the scalp.


Sebastian Dry Clean Only – More of a harder performing dry shampoo for those of you that produce more oil in your hair.


Wella Eimi Dry Me – a rice starch based product that doesn’t leave any white residue in dark hair and is easy to brush out.

All these brands carry a travel size version for on the go "zhooshing".....you know what we mean.
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