Did You Hear What They Say About January 18th?

Did You Hear What They Say About January 18th?

Did You Hear about January 18th?



Time To Look Good & Feel Better

January 18th has been regarded by therapists and psychologists alike as being the saddest day of the year. Reasons for such a collective view are linked to a combination of things:

  • post Christmas bills, 
  • abandonment of New Year's resolutions 
  • low levels of sunlight yielding low absorption
       of the happy vitamin known as Vitamin D
  • severe cold weather

In defiance of and in response to this so called “saddest day of the year”, the team at Images Salon has concocted what they hope you will see as a perfect remedy for you through a personally prescribed dosage of, “Look Good Feel Better” !!!

  • New Year's is for new beginnings, so make a resolution of a NEW YEAR and a NEW YOU makeover. Our team is committed to help you create your perfect hair story board, all with the intention to get you the results you want
  • We believe the team at Images to be masters at the correct placement of fresh highlights that will brighten the skin creating a more sun kissed and rejuvenated appearance
  • Do you suspect that severe cold is reeking havoc on your hair? Combat it with a hydrating Wella Plex in salon hair treatment in combination with your colour service 

No need to suffer in silence this Winter, or any time throughout the year. Our Images team will help you through the drearinesses and take you from blah to bombshell in just one visit.



Happy Happy New Year

from everyone at

Images Salon Team


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