Can Anyone Go Blonde?

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Can Anyone Go Blonde?
 Has Going Blonde
Ever Crossed Your Mind?

The quick answer to this popular question is YES!

Should you go blonde is the question you should probably take to the pros for an informed and trusted answer. 

Not everyone can carry the blonde look well and that is primarily due to what your mama most likely gave you:

Eye colour

Skin tone

Type and texture of your hair

If your eyes are a certain shade of blue or green you may find that sometimes going a shade of blonde will leave you looking washed out and ashen.

If your skin tone has a lot of red, peach or orange, then going blonde can accent this and make you look like an Umpa Lumpa or President Trump….EW!

Some types and textures of hair such as brittle, dry, or even super fine hair can't take the process required for going blonde regardless of the products used. If you possibly fall into this category and want to keep the hair that’s on your head, ON YOUR HEAD, then going blonde is really not right for you.

If you're still committed to going blonde keep in mind that it can be time consuming and most likely require multiple salon visits to achieve your end golden goal. Due to the products used to achieve the blonde look and depending on what colour your hair is to start with, it won't be just one visit for you…i.e. if you have dark brown hair you're not going to achieve Kim Kardashian platinum blonde hair in one sitting. It's also may be fairly expensive to go blonde in a safe way due to the time the full process takes along with the special ingredients needed to get you there. Then there is the maintenance involved for root touch up and thwarting the ever present BRASSY’ness that inevitably creeps up due to the now porous state of your hair that will soak up everything from minerals in your shower to the pollution in the air. This situation requires a toning visit in between your regular service, or you may simply need a tinited purple or silver conditioner for at home care.

Is the picture as bleak as it may sound to this point? Not really. It all comes down to having an informed conversation with your stylist. Deciding if going blonde is right for you is always best when when you can make that decision with confidence.
Once you make the leap and take it on being blonde,
here's a product note worth considering:

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