Are You Experiencing Thinning Hair?

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Are You Experiencing Thinning Hair?
Thinning Hair....Did You Know
  • In the hair & beauty category, thinning hair and how to combat it has always been a top of the list search term, which easily suggests that dealing with the situation affects a great many people
  • Thinning hair is caused by a multitude of circumstances;
  1. Heredity;    it's in your genes
  2. Pollution
  3. Medication
  4. Hormones
  5. Pregnancy
  • Silica is a major natural ingredient well placed to combat thinning hair. Silica is good for hair because it is good for the development of almost every part our body. Young people often have beautiful, silky hair, soft skin, and perfect nails because of the large amounts of silica that we unfortunately lose as we age. ( )
  • Hair stylists are considered the #1 source of trusted information and advice in addressing this predicament
At Images Salon in Scarborough, we provide a proven and effective approach to addressing and resolving concerns over thinning hair. Nioxin, a brand specialist with over 35 years of experience has earned a stellar reputation:
  • Nioxon has been a market leader across North America throughout the professional salon industry
  • Is rated the most effective "thinning" brand by 75% of stylists
  • Nioxon is an ongoing winner of the Choice Award since 2002
  • Their product line is dermatologist recommended
Come in for a consultation. Discuss your particular situation and explore the best approach and products available to deliver you the best results.
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